Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cook with Ketchup

November typically becomes the month when I turn up the juice on the food posts, and what better juice is there in this wonderful world than a thick, rich, dark red, warm and flowing gusher of bloo--- errr, I mean ketchup-- yes, KETCHUP into your liver pate, dill steak logs, mozzarella meat whirls, and scrumptious shrimp ho-ho! Granted your creoles, curries, and cacciatores might benefit from something a little classier than a couple bottle smacks of Heinz 57, but hey, this ain't the "and everything else too" blog for nothing! Yep, what it is is, it's another fun little 50's booklet bursting with jaw dropping recipes and incredibly cute artwork as can only ever seem to be found from this particular mid century, advertising time era. And who remembers when we crazy cooked with kooky ketchup back when I brazenly first started this blog back in 2010? Click HERE after todays post for a stroll down another good 'ol ketchup flavored memory lane. More foods coming up too!


Craftypants Carol said...

OMG I love this! There's something about it that screams "make do" and for some reason I have a major weakness for make do style of cooking. I remember my grandparents used to add ketchup to chicken soup but I don't think we ever did the ketchup and hot water soup.

I actually wouldn't mind trying that Crimson Slaw recipe, but omg the Deviled Onions looks horrible. That's like my worst nightmare - boiled onions. Ew. And the name of that chicken sandwich recipe is hilarious. Is there a sweet version as opposed to that savory one? And I can't even think about ketchup in pineapple upside down cake. But that pineapple in the apron is really cute!

-3- said...

They had Heinz Hot Ketchup in the '50s? I never would have guessed that. I had thought it more likely a product of the 70s/80s at earliest.

I'm with Carol - i have a fondness for 'make do' style cooking at times. (Used to teach a class called Making Good Sh*t From Cheap Crap) I think i might try those Deviled Onions with something later this week, if i can figure out what they'd go best with.

Mr. Cavin said...

I took special note of the deviled onions, too. I think I might like them, but it does kind of come off as pretty spotty cuisine. Braised onions. Should it really take over an hour to make a snack out of ketchup and an onion? Art-wise, I love the 400% enlargement of the Mexican Pie Kid. He looks so soft, like he's made out of felt! But it's the Spice Nut Cake Cheerleader that I want to see in her own comic book series.

JMR777 said...

Thanks to the internet we get these recipes for ketchup/catsup/katsup/the red sauce/the blood substitute in grade z horror SOV movies-

Everything that's old is new again, though the old recipe booklets have the neat artwork that is sadly missing from today's recipe sources, and the recipes back then were intriguing enough to try at home.

Mr. Karswell said...

haha, great comments, thanks everyone... I'm just getting started with the food posts this month (might mix in a few other things as well --for flavor!) See ya in a few ;)