Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Don't Overdo With Video Games! (PART ONE)

I vaguely remember the "Survival Series For Kids" books from my pre to early teen years. There were at least 2 dozen or more separate collections on topics such as hanging around with the wrong crowd, earning your allowance, making your own meals (don't slurp your soup!), and OMG-- please do something else besides watch TV... etc! I guess the one entry that struck home the loudest for me (besides standing up straight!) was Don't Overdo (it) With Video Games!

Reading it again 30+ years later, it makes a lot more sense than it probably did when I was a know-it-all early 80's teenager, and as with most things presented here at AEET, the stuff we tend to focus on more than any of the moral rights and wrongs, priorities and / or habits / addictions, is the wonderful artwork-- and QUIRK-A QUIRK-A TWEETZ BREEEP! --this book illustrated by Bartholomew is simply packed full of it! Ultra loose, incredibly energetic, Paul Coker Jr.  / Jared Lee inspired, arcadian fun and awesomeness awaits you on practically every other page!

So come with us now as our GORP obsessed lil buddy, Chris, plumbs the vilest depths of video gaming sin: isolating himself from his friends, lying to his dad, stealing money from his mom's purse, and overall just taking hilariously bad advice from a presumably invisible Pac Man ghost! Can he be saved? Will his high score be beaten?!! Will he ditch church and instead head to the arcade! You'll have to come back for PART TWO in our next post for the answers-- but for now, plunk in a quarter and focus, you might learn a thing or two!



Mr. Cavin said...

Super! The illustration accompanying the stealing page is just dynamite. I mean, they all are, but this one stands out somewhat because of the sinister gloom and the relative motionlessness of the character. Can't wait to see part two.

Armpit Studios said...

You're right - I thought that cover illustration was Coker.