Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fun with Franks

It's a beautiful, sunny day here in MO, and it looks like the temps are gonna be high 60's perfect. Not too cold, not too hot-- and just right for hot dogs! And fyi, we're only 16 days away from spring, so what better way to defrost the BBQ grill than with a cute article from the Sept '65 issue of Lady's Circle magazine, featuring fun ideas about how to spruce up those gol'dang greasy diggities! I'm definitely leaning more towards cheese or mashed potato stuffed dogs over the corn or cabbaged ones, and although the "Oriental Delight" sounds interesting, I'm probably not speaking too stereotypically (or out of place, hopefully) when I say the "Well-Loved Long Boys" are probably gonna be a wee bit more popular!

So come on, grab your wieners and make your day one of well-loved delight too!

Another pleasant helping of fun from this issue up NEXT!


JMR777 said...

I love the mini chef helping big Pappa chef prepare the dogs for dining.
I see one of the hot dogs on the grill is slightly black, which is how I like my hot dogs, well done and slightly burnt.

Long ago I had (and now sadly lost) The Nathans Hot Dog Cookbook, the recipes were similar to this article, though I vaguely recall one for a hot dog chowder or hot dog soup (a dish reserved for only hardcore hot dog fans.)

Craftypants Carol said...

Awww! That pic of the girl eating the hot dog is so freaking cute!

I can't believe they have a recipe for cabbage rolls in this article. They're not very summery.

I would so eat those oriental delight skewers! Man!

Mr. Karswell said...

I'd love to see the Nathans book, JMR! I'll keep an eye out for it.

And I knew you'd go oriental on us, CPC!

JMR777 said...

Here's an image of the missing book-

and an updated version-

I will still pass on the hot dog soup, I will let someone a bit more food adventurous try that out.