Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jack and Jill 1968

I was only 6 months old when this issue of Jack and Jill hit the magazine racks in October of 1968. And just as we've seen from all of our previous J&J posts here at AEET (check the archive), this issue is just as loaded as ever with fun and games and creepy crafts and even a spooky story! Lots of super cute artwork this time around as well... I even have another J&J issue later for you this month too! And hey kids, pay special close attention to the "Be Sure It's Safe" page-- you seriously don't want to get killed on Halloween --especially before you get a chance to eat all that delicious candy!!!


Mr. Cavin said...

I love the two Goblin's Ditch witches. They look like rag dolls. And I like the Haunted House action bar, too. looks like the spooks are changing shifts: "G'nite Sam." "G'nite Ralph."

Craftypants Carol said...

so neat! i really love the House Haunted setup! that's so cool! and of course all the puzzles and neat stuff :)

i wonder how many kids actually asked their parents to dip their costumes in that nonflammable borax solution.

Tom said...

Great Stuff. I'm definitely going to make those spook and pumpkin hand puppets.

Mr. Karswell said...

Would love to see anything anyone makes from these pages, send your photos to me at karswell @ hotmail dot com and we'll post them here on the blog on Halloween!

Thanks for the comments!