Friday, June 26, 2015

Modern Beauty Shop '66 (PART ONE)

I recently stumbled upon a couple really great issues of this 60's magazine called Modern Beauty Shop. It's half full of hair-dos (and don'ts), and man oh man, I am talking the awesomely MASSIVE kind of do's that are so wildly intricate, they actually resemble something more like a roller coaster than a head of hair. More on that later next week though, cuz for now we have the first of two posts that focus more on the lovely advertising found on nearly every page within: styling products, wigs, beauty parlor machinery, etc... I'm particularly fond of the beautiful women of course, but also the Beauty Gram Fun Cards, and the amazing Bonet Flip-Top hair dryer that seriously looks like something right out of a 60's Italian sci-fi film! As mentioned, lots more in part two coming up next!


Crafty C said...

Man. I seriously love every one of these pics. The Lisa fall is so great! And the hair dryers are awesome. I love the mannequin head in the Valencia ad or whatever. But man that Beauty Gram ad is so fab! I love the whole concept but then it has that totally different vibe logo smacked right in the middle. I'm pretty sure my grandma used that Fanci-full stuff. The bottle looks super familiar. I love the last ad too. Man That front wig is too much!

JMR777 said...

That last pic advertising using the yellow pages- with the guy's forced smile and mannequin's head in the foreground, it could be turned into a poster for a B horror movie.

The premise, a mild mannered but insane hairstylist gets his revenge on the women who wronged him not just by killing them but by turning their heads into mannequin heads so he can mock them while working in his shop. They came up with offbeat ideas for horror flicks back in the 60's, this idea would fit right in with the schlocky but fun 60's movies.

Pappy said...

Just think, those pre-teens on the cover are in their mid-fifties by now.

The hairstyle and hair color in the Fanci-full ad looks a lot like my wife's hair when we were just out of high school. She never went for the real big hair in the days of two-foot tall beehives.

I remember falls as being very "in" at the time. I thought "fall" meant if I touched a girl's hair a big bunch would fall into my hand.

Mr. Karswell said...

haha, great comments-- thanks! Working on part two now, hopefully it'll be up this afternoon :)

Mr. Cavin said...

Hilarious, Pappy!

Man, I would kill for those awesome lemon salon chairs. Ratcheted up to bar stool height, I would also love to have the kind of retro sixties kitchen that would match appropriately on the other side of the pass-thru bar. Or maybe a beautiful electric blue pleather drafting table. I would always wear horn rims and bowling shirts and draw comics about people in aloha shirts trading bon mots around the stems their pipes.