Thursday, July 24, 2014

Xmas in July, Day 23 and 24: KISS tickets / KISS Pendant

Yesterday I had planned to post a pic of my KISS concert ticket stub from when I saw them at the Checkerdome in St. Louis MO in '79. Unfortunately-- WHERE IS IT??!! Arghh! So this is kind of a rip-off post for Day 23 because it was gonna say "KISS CONCERT TICKETS" which was always on my xmas list every year since they came through my town quite frequently, and then finally one year I got lucky. Anyway, that was yesterday, today now I've got my eye on a killer KISS Pendant necklace-- and of course you know I got it, and of course I still have it buried in a jewelry box somewhere in the closet. God, this is a lazy post. But here's the cool ad for it! Merry KISSmas!


Mr. Cavin said...

I got to stay up late for the Halloween special on the day I turned six. I'da begged for this pendant back then.

Mr. Karswell said...

Ahhh yes, the Paul Lynde Halloween Special! Totally amazing moment in tv history :)

Mr. Cavin said...

I just bookmarked the special on YouTube to watch when I get back home next week. Christmas in July will give way to Halloween in August! I can't wait to see it again.