Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Magic

A potpourri of xmas tips for home and gifts, courtesy of this magical little booklet from "Scotch" brand tapes and "Sasheen" brand ribbon (1959.) I especially love the red, white, and blues wrapping paper on the present directly under the blonde girl with pigtails in the "Magic Bow" 2-page spread, and of course the choo-choo train themed design puffing away up on dad's shelf. There are lots of really great ideas here, and we'd love to hear from anyone that attempts any of these! I for one will most definitely NOT be decorating the bathroom wastebasket though!

More xmas posts and various other festive stuff all this month!


Crafty C said...

wow - this is so neat! i really love that black wrapping paper with designs on it that the snowman bow decoration is on.

and i would seriously make that Friendship Wreath if i had any old cards hanging around - but man there's no way those cards are attached to a hula hoop. who are they trying to kid?

i also like the Dazzle Wreath a lot and i freaking LOVE that Christmas Story on Tape! i would kill for a roll of that! all of these tapes are really cool! i didnt realize they had that back then.

oh and don't foget to put rolls of scotch tape in your kid's stockings! what a thrilling stocking stuffer!

really cool pics :D

Mr. Karswell said...

Scotch tape is actually a good present if you're buying for a comic book collector who bags and boards his stuff obsessively!

Crafty C said...

i'll be sure and keep that in mind

Mr. Cavin said...

I like the picture of the kid under the bed. It's so arch and postured, but I really dig it. I miss dingle ball bedspreads!

Mr. Karswell said...

Xmas dingle balls for everyone!!

JMR777 said...

The boy's forced smile with mom behind him, he's probably thinking 'oh, great, Scotch Tape for Christmas, again'-

-that is without a doubt the universal expression of extreme disappointment masked by the fake smile of 'just-pretend-I-like-it-and-mom-and-dad-won't-yell-at-me' that kids worldwide know all so well (I recall that smile from my childhood on occasion, its something you don't forget.)