Monday, November 25, 2013

House of a Thousand Mysteries

I almost forgot about Mini-Mondays here in November at AEET! And like my post from a few weeks ago, here's another assortment of silver age comic book mail order gag gift ads blown up 600% so you can see the wonderful old time art and print textures (and flaws) in full detail. I may do another similar weekly theme in December, so if anyone has any clever or kooky ideas let me know! These great ads come from The House of a Thousand Mysteries based out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL (full address details in the very last scan at the bottom.)


Crafty C said...

wow - these are all really neat! i love all the pics with cards - and the two hypnotism ones at the top a lot. but man - that dude in the Secret Wonder Mirror is as creepy as the gag!

Mr. Cavin said...

I do not have many kooky ideas, but the ideas that you are coming up with on your own are great. This is an awesome theme! I like these pictures blown-up even better than I like them actual size--sort of like all those macro photography galleries where it becomes apparent that bugs are way more freakish and monstrous than we think they are.

I love the picture of the Human Hen, but Crafty's right: That Wonder Mirror clip is the showstopper. It's about to become my Facebook profile pic.

For the macro gallery: do you have any of the early superheroes stuff Funnies Inc. produced for Timely? (Hey man, crack open the box of fifteen hundred dollar comic books!) That stuff always has the absolute best layered-up coloring I've seen in the golden age. It would sure look great under the microscope.