Sunday, September 8, 2013

Frederick's of Hollywood '73

In our last post we saw an ad for some realistic, electronic sex dolls, so as promised here are some ideas on how to dress-up your private, personal toys appropriately-- and where better to get some fancy duds, you adventurous AEET followers ask? Why, from an early 70's Frederick's of Hollywood catalog of course! These scans are actually from the 1973 xmas edition, so I'll have LOTS more from this one closer to the holidays for you... but for now, here are a handful of revealing ideas to choose from, highlighted by the arousing artistic talents of Canadian-born illustrator Dorothy Kahn, which seriously help make these feisty fashions that much more sexy!


Unknown said...

For many years I received the Frederick's of Hollywood catalogue in the mail. I've no idea why, as I never ordered anything from them. They were fun to look at, though.

Mr. Karswell said...

Did you get them from the illustrated model years? From my understanding, '73 was the last year Dorothy Kahn did the memorable cartoon ladies

Crafty C said...

oh man! i love those freaking lime green lounge outfits! and the one that looks like a quasi work outfit with the miniskirt and jacket and bikini top. hilarious!

i wonder where you'd wear something like that red Sheer Delight in that second pic?

and i hope you're gonna post the bras for the ones in the 4th pic cause i seriously can fathom what kind of bra you could wear under the Wild Way.

i'g glad they show real women wearing the clothes in that 6th pic cause i swear when i look at most of these i can't even believe they would look anything like what they do in these drawings on ANYONE. and they don't.

i wonder how that Share Your Charms harem getup is a one piece? must be very stretchy.

oh man - they even have sheer multi colored men's panties!! i love that!

and oh my god that Fringe Fantasy on the last page is hilarious!!

god i could go on forever with my comments :)

soooo cool! thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Cavin said...

I can't pick my favorite thing here. That zebra-striped Wild Way (A) disco suit that Carol noted on page two is pretty damn spectacular. But for solid seventies grindsploitation, I might like that skin-tight backless sailor suit on page three (F) even better. Knit? Send mine in Jaguar green naugahyde, please!

Brian Barnes said...

Does each order come free with the rack you'll need to stretch yourself out on to fit into them?

Armpit Studios said...

I've always loved that they used illustrations of amazingly perfect women.

Crafty C said...

ha! yeah Brian, or a black cloth to cover each mirror in your house so you don't see what you really look like.