Saturday, March 9, 2013

Centaur Studios '55 (STL)

The other day I found this wonderfully illustrated Centaur Studios business mailer brochure (postmarked 1955) at the antique mall here in St. Louis. Does anyone know anything about this studio, artist Bill Cramer, or any in their band of eager beaver creatives listed below? A quick google search didn't turn up anything at all, but I'd love to hear from anyone with info, if you worked for them, or if you know someone that did-- please please drop me a line!


Craftypants Carol said...

wow. that artwork is really amazing. that's so cool the way the second and third pics are reversed like that - like they used scratchboard or something.


Karswell said...

Indeed! A great way to demonstrate hard work created throughout both night and day.

This reminds me of the original Gene Foote illustration I found a few years ago too:

would still love to find out more about him as well.

Jil Casey said...

It's frustrating when you find an artist whose work you like and then you can't find information about them.

Karswell said...

Indeed, Jil!