Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Charlie McCarthy in The Haunted Hide-out

For those that missed it the first time-- and as long as we're on a ventriloquist kick this week-- I thought I'd re-share some scans I originally donated to Magic Carpet Burn (RIP) a few years back. And if you're one of those types that think ventriloquist dolls are creepy (see last post / comments) then enjoy today's classic Dell story from Four Color #196, September 1948 --because what better place to put animated dolls than inside of a spooky old house setting?


Mr. Cavin said...

Whenever I don't think Charlie McCarthy is quite creepy enough, I just imagine that it's really a tiny wooden Fritz Lang on somebody's lap and that usually does the trick.

Karswell said...

I'd Iove to see the kinds of movies that tiny wooden Fritz Lang would make!