Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gay Nineties Claytoons

Manufactured by Children's Wish Co., Los Angeles CA (1940's or 50's?) this sentimental set of 6 grease-proof, stain-proof, alcohol-proof Gay Nineties plastic coated party mats add color and old time gaiety to any gathering. The "Claytoon" illustrations are actually photographic reproductions made by Sass-Dorne from miniature clay models and sets, and are rendered through a special color process to give the arresting three-dimensional effect (think View-Master without having to use a viewer.) Ideal for coasters, servettes and wall decorations, they clean easily with a damp cloth, etc... my favorite thing about them is the bothersome little brother character providing unending torment to our poor, love-stricken hero in every image.


Mr. Cavin said...

I like the one where she's playing the piano, although the beach picture has the best clothes. Once these were scanned, I'm guessing, they seem to look a lot less like clay modelling and a lot more like particularly well-shaded oil pastels. Love to see the 3D effect in person.

Karswell said...

The piano image is especially funny cuzza the old guy in the picture on the wall covering his ears! I like the one where they're on the bike best, I think.

IF you google Sass-Dorne Claytoon you'll see many other great things they produced, from kid's books to safty guides, etc.