Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Birdwatcher's Guide For You

This is an exceptionally cool greeting card from Ambassador Cards (1963) featuring a dazedly cute xmas canine on the front and inside-- then surprise! --you find a tiny, 3'' x 2'', 30-page Birdwatchers "guide" booklet tucked into a pocket slit with the cover visible through an oval cut-out portal.

card front

card open

"Birdwatching-- A Guide to the Varieties of Birds Seen at Christmas Time" leads you to believe that you're in for some naughty ladies in skimpy elf costumes. But no, it's actually just our fine feathered friends alright, and nicely illustrated ones at that, humorously inked out in a loose, cartoony style, and then perfectly watercolored in a festive, slap-dashery of holiday reds and greens. And even 40+ years later, many of the "birds" depicted here are still flappin' around today.


Prof. Grewbeard said...

oh yeah, the "Ruffled Grouch"! i know that bird...anyway, great stuff!

Mr. Karswell said...

>the "Ruffled Grouch"! i know that bird

Yeah, I know him too... I've become quite familiar with The Bag-Eyed Napcatcher in my later years too.

Crafty C said...

Teeny book in card = super cute!!