Monday, September 6, 2010

The Art of Barbeque

Enjoy your so called "last day" of summer folks on this lazy Labor Day of rest, but most importantly (and seriously) if you're not outside and warming up some animal flesh then you are just not doing it right! So today, as AEET marinates down the minutes and hours in preperation for our own outdoor grilling session later this afternoon, we present to you this fine "Art of Barbeque" gallery, collecting some of the tastiest illustrative moments from 50's and 60's BBQ cookbooks and pamphlets... defining our favorite food in all of its juicy, char-broiled deliciousness-- with funny pictures of course!

(Credits: Big Boy Barbecue Book 1956, Cutco Cook Book 1956, and Weber's "The How of Covered Barbeque Cooking." Also thanks to Bettendorf-Rapp, Pet Milk Co. STL, and Western Auto.)


jim w. said...

I have the Big Boy BBQ's in the pocket of our Chow and How apron hanging on the wall! Great stuff!

Mykal Banta said...

"If you wanted it rare, you're too late!"

God, I miss outdoor grilling. My ex-girlfriend had a large yard, patio, etc. My current digs? A nice, cozy one-bedroom (where grills are against fire code).

The ex used to call me her "grill master!"

What a great post! Perfect atomic age splender! I love the Chicken-a-que - what a cool combination of realistic and "cartoony" styles.

Now, how'd you want your burger?

Anonymous said...

My favorite image is in the last set of yellow and red scans. The look on the cow's face as the man is eyeing him up for prime cuts, classic! And the look on the farmer's face as the man dressed as a wolf is sneaking up on his lamb-too funny!

Mr. Cavin said...

Seconding anon, above. My fave is definitely the one in which the barbecuer is trying to entice the sheep by dressing up as a wolf. So blasted awesome!

Mr. Karswell said...

I haven't grilled any lamb in a long time, I guess it's time to get the wolf costume out of mothballs!

Hope everyone had a great (and tasty) Labor Day today, thanks for the comments!