Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cookin' with-- Soda Pop!

I wasn't aware of food recipes that included popular soft drinks as an ingrediant until I moved back to STL a few years ago. Having stumbled upon Orange Crush and Mr. Pibb flavored cakes at the local Shop 'n Save bakery, I imagined this was some new "midwestern thing," but the two booklets I have featured here today from 7-Up (1953) and Dr. Pepper (1965) prove otherwise... and whether you actually utilize some of these recipes for your next feast, or just want to enjoy the fabulous design of the booklets themselves (and the gorgeous old soda bottle designs) is of course Up to you.

And now for you Dr. Pepper fans:

I like 7-Up and Dr. Pepper, but I'm more of a Mountain Dew fanatic myself... below is a cover image from the "Hillbilly Party Book" put out by the makers of Mountain Dew in the 60's or 70's. Has anyone ever seen this, or have a copy they're willing to part with? I've been searching for it for years without much luck, and any help in tracking down a copy is very much appreciated-- thank you!


Cindy M said...

Oh how sweet. :-) 7-Up pie crust; that sounds vaguely familiar from long ago. I might give 1 or 2 of these recipes a try (Dr. Pepper too). Sorry, I've never seen MD's "Hillbilly Party Book."

Mr. Karswell said...

I'm tempted to try something on the grill one of these days too... I wonder how Mountain Dew Chicken Thighs would taste?

The soda cakes are pretty great too by the way.

Mykal Banta said...

Karswell: Great post - classic graphics and design.

I have been a dew man ever since they first produced the stuff - back when the glass bottles read "It'll tickle your innards!" and had a happy hillbilly right there on the bottle. Having a family heritage that included the Cumberland Gap region of Kentucky, it always felt like a declaration of pride for me (my mother would wink at me whenever I took a swig and shouted "It'll tickle our innards!").

Plus, the stuff energized me right through grad school.

Finally, I have seen folks (here in the south) drink Dr. Pepper hot, like coffee.

Mr. Cavin said...

In the south I'm from, we drink these things cold.

I remember when I was growing up, Dr. Pepper was my mom's drink and Mountain Dew was dad's. We had the refrigerator filled with sixteen-ounce returnable bottles of each, and there was no crossover. I do not know if this is why I grew up detesting Dr. Pepper or not. Even the An American Werewolf in London guy failed to get me interested in mom's carbonated prune juice.

So being my own man, I chose the Coca-Cola knockoff of dad's drink: Mello Yello. I am a little embarrassed about this now; can't stand the stuff anymore. But I turned nine the October Mello Yello was introduced, and I wanted my very own ten-ounce bottles in the fridge.

As a side note: some of my NC friends make beer butt chicken on the backyard grill nearly every weekend of the summer. Lately they've branched out into Coke and Cheerwine (you have that? It's more like soda fountain cherry Coke than the modern canned stuff). I am certain that Dr. Pepper would work really well instead. It's easy to find x-butt chicken recipes online. Any strategy built around a Coke can would work with the Dr.

Mr. Karswell said...

>back when the glass bottles read "It'll tickle your innards!"

I've got a tee shirt with the hillbilly on it and it says that too--- best tagline in soda pop history!

>It's easy to find x-butt chicken recipes online.

I'll have to check it out, sounds too interesting to not try. Thanks for the comments!

Unknown said...

"you have that? It's more like soda fountain cherry Coke than the modern canned stuff"

Cheerwine became available across East Central Illinois last summer, and I did a double take.

Crafty C said...

wow - i'm seriously intrigued by some of the recipes in the Dr. Pepper cookbook (i'll take Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew over 7Up any day). all of the dips sound really interesting - esp the Crunchy Ginger Nut Dip. but i really want to try that Company Casserole with the chicken and curry powder. i'd prob throw some pineapple in too! and of course i'm totally into that Frozen Fruit Delight Salad.

Mr. Karswell said...

Cool, let us know if you make anything and how it tuned out!

Crafty C said...

here you go....

Mr. Karswell said...