Thursday, July 29, 2010

Disneyland '55

For some of us it's hard to imagine Disneyland in a time before The Haunted Mansion, or Space Mountain, but alas these days did exist. And it's always fascinating to see how an amusement park developes over the years as things get added, subtracted, modified, forgotten. So here now from Karswell's Private Kollection is a rare brochure glimpse into the wonderful world of Disneyland in 1955-- the actual year that it opened, the year that Walt and his team of amazing Imagineers forever changed theme park history!

This ain't your daddy's theme park. Oh wait, yes it is... Grandpa's too! Who remembers Aunt Jemima's Pancake House?

If you've visited Disneyland recently then you know that it now has more than 8 points of interest (see map below.) Still, this 55 year old version of the original park, even without all the fantastic current rides, restaurants and shows, was, and always will be light years beyond any other theme park in the world. Ever.

*Note the map page box insert above dated July 17th, 1955... according to wikipedia this is actually the day BEFORE Disneyland opened to the general public on July 18th (the 17th was reserved for a "televised press preview.")


Patrick Owsley said...

Awesome, Steve! Leslie and I are about to make another visit to Disneyland very soon! Thanks for posting!

Mr. Karswell said...

Have a great time you guys, like I even have to say it-- of course you will!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Disney World in Orlando but still have never made it out to the original Disney Land in California. I am hoping to someday though!

Rebecca McMillan (po_mo) said...

Hi there, I've just found your blog and would LOVE to use these 1955 images for my wedding. If you still have hi-res versions of these scans (and are happy to send to me) we would be most grateful
Thanks so much,